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How do you create an effective SMS campaign for the holidays?

Holidays are a perfect time to increase sales of products and services with a well-planned SMS campaign. With Capacity SMS, you can easily create and send targeted SMS to your customers, regardless of your marketing experience. Since the service is web-based, all you have to do is log in to the service via a browser to be able to market […]

Create Landing pages in Capacity SMS

What is a landing page? In digital marketing, a landing page acts as a standalone web page and is one of the most important tools a digital marketer has. Landing pages are usually created for a specific campaign or event. After clicking on the link, which is automatically inserted in your SMS when you created your page in […]

SMS marketing for Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday: Increase your sales with 4 tips

Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are three of the biggest shopping days of the year. During these days, it is especially important to be seen and heard in order to attract new customers and increase sales. SMS is an effective way to reach a large target group and create attention for your webshop. Below you will find […]

Marketing through two-way communication

Marketing in 2021 is very much about having a dialogue with your customers instead of the traditional one-way marketing message. Interacting with customers creates a stronger relationship, where both you as a business owner and your customers are winners. A dialogue can, among other things, mean valuable feedback on the products and services you market, as well as giving a stronger […]

What does your organization or company's connection to this year's Christmas present look like?

What does your organization or company's connection look like to this year's Christmas present, the trangia kitchen? We think it should be pleasant, lively and like to organize outdoor activities when it comes to staff meetings or similar activities. The fact is that Sweden's outdoor life has increased during Covid-19, where, among other things, the Västkuststiftelsen, which manages 280 nature reserves in Västra Götaland and Halland […]

SMS marketing for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Soon they will be here! The big shopping days Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Be in the game early and get sales pressure by sending SMS to your customers. Now it is also easier than ever to send really large volumes of SMS to your customers. With iP.1's new capacity SMS service, you can do it yourself [...]

Time to sharpen your marketing potential with SMS marketing as we enter the beautiful month of May

How many times do we not pick up the mobile phone during the waking hours of the day? How many times is it not because of a received SMS? Think about your own use of the mobile phone. What makes you react the fastest to picking up the phone - a text message or an email? Measurements show that the response level is an average of 7.5 times [...]

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or both?

Now is the time to think about how to boost your marketing before the Black Friday weekend *). Take advantage of the opportunity to tell about the company's activities during 23-26/11. With iP.1's SMS services, you can invite and remind about the activities that your company will organize this weekend. You know that 90% of […]

World Emoji Day

In conjunction with World Emoji Day, we take the opportunity to release our new Emoji selector! Be sure to log in and try it yourself! You can find the emoji selector at the top right corner of the Message field. You will also notice that you can now easily and quickly attach images and PDF files directly to your message! The file is attached as [...]

This is how your webshop grows with SMS sending

SMS sending opens up new opportunities for companies with a webshop. With SMS, customer relations can be strengthened and sales can increase. For example, customers use a discount coupon sent via SMS 10 times more than a paper coupon with the exact same offer. 6 tips on how SMS sending makes your webshop grow Track customer behavior Monitor and analyze customer behavior. What is it […]

Is your business ready for this year's Christmas shopping?

Christmas is creeping up and many patties must be purchased. PostNord estimates that Swedes will buy Christmas presents for 20 billion kroner this year, with e-commerce playing an increasingly important role. Three out of ten Christmas presents are expected to be purchased online. Over 6 billion kroner will be spent on online purchases, which is an increase of a whopping 24% from last year. E-commerce is increasing more and more for [...]

Reach your customers in no time with mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is increasingly popular and has grown tremendously in recent years. But what exactly are the benefits of it and what results can you expect? There is one thing that your customers carry with them pretty much everywhere, wherever they go and whatever they do. That thing is of course their […]